Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Covid-19: Member House of Reps Donates two months Salaries to fight covid-19 Pandemic in Taraba


The Honourable Member representing Karim Lamido,Ardo Kola and Lau Federal Constituency,Hon Danladi Baido has announced the donation of his two months salaries to the fight against the rising covid-19 Pandemic in the country.
According to him the donation will cater for all issues relating to the disease,including campaigns against it,and will continue as long as the pandemic lasts.
Baido in an interview, the exigencies of the times had made necessary to sympathise with his Constituents on the sad outbreak of the coronavirus in Nigeria.
While re- iterating the fact that no case of the COVID 19 disease has been detected in the entire Taraba State since the first case of the virus was announced in Nigeria in late February.
The up and doing lawmaker called on his people to remain vigilant and to observe all the necessary guidelines issued by the Government and other health authorities to stay safe.
Baido again used the occasion to highlight the necessity of constant hand- washing,observing basic hygiene principles, social distancing as well as the use of alcohol- based hand sanitizers to stem the tides of transmission and infection by the virus.
He urged the people to co- operate with the authorities and to remain at home where restriction orders on movements have been issued,while endeavouring to demonstrate love to vulnerable ones among them by evoking their traditional communal spirit of giving and sharing whatever they have with others.
Baido in his words said:” As is in our character,we must help the vulnerable ones among us by sharing what we have with them. This is the best time to show others that we truly care. I, again,call on you to see the guidelines and regulations of Government as a clarion call to the necessary sacrifices we must make at this time to achieve victory over this evil virus. As hard as some parts of the guidelines may sound,it is absolutely important we cut off the social lifestyles and linkages that give rise to the transmission of this virus. God willing,this time will soon pass by and our life will be back again to us.”
Danladi in his Continuing statements said:
“To be prepared,they say,is to make preparations to win; and we must win in this fight against this new disease. To win, therefore,we must take proactive measures that must be aimed at clear information dissemination, emergency preparedness and direct solutions to cases that may arise from the outbreak of the disease or other related incidentals”.

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