Saturday, 7 March 2020

Nigerian paedophile pastor sentenced to 34yrs, wife bags 11yrs


A Nigerian Peadophile Pastor who used his position to abuse children and adults for over 20 years, has been jailed for 34 years in the UK.

The Paedophile pastor identified as Michael Oluronbi, was jailed to 34 years after his conviction for multiple rapes of members of his congregation in the U.K.

Originally from Nigeria, Oluronbi was found guilty of the offences against six women and a man in January, 2020. His actions were described by a judge as “one of the worse cases of sexual abuse of multiple children to come before the courts”.

Some of his offences were carried out after he convinced victims, five of whom attended his church, to take part in “spiritual bathing”, which he claimed would “cleanse” them of evil spirits.

His wife, Juliana, was jailed for 11 years after being found guilty of three counts of aiding and abetting rape after helping arrange some of the abortions

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