Saturday, 7 March 2020

MI Abaga exits Chocolate City, starts his own label


Nigerian ace rapper, MI Abaga on Friday made an unexpected announcement after he disclosed the end of his 13-year association with Chocolate City.

MI also announced the start of his own record label named Incredible Music, in addition he also announced TASCK, a company which handles Corporate Social Responsibilities.

He released his 10th studio project titled Judah The EP, which is also his first release under Incredible Music.

September last year, MI Abaga vacated his position as the CEO of Chocolate City. This came after Chocolate City announced its deal with Warner Music. Audu Maikori stepped back into the role which he vacated in 2015.

MI joined Chocolate City in 2007 and rose to become chairman in 2015. During his contract with the label, he released nine projects, which include five albums, three mixtapes and one playlist.


Author: verified_user