Saturday, 15 February 2020

Miss Democracy Taraba launched her billboard on Bad Dressing and social ills on campus.


The covering of our nakedness which is one of the most important reasons for dressing is no longer a thing to remember by today’s youth. Rather, the more naked one is, the more they are accepted among their peers.

Miss Democracy Taraba, Queen Maureen Morris kicks off campaign against bad dressing and social ills on youths and Nigerians at large.
Billboard Design by Incredible art graphics

It has been noticed with great concern that the various styles of dressing – Show-your-stomach,  Bare-back, Skinny, Show-your-beads, Sagging etc – among many young men and women are causing a lot of devastating effects on the moral upbringing of children and youth in Taraba. The problem is so serious that even children at the pre-school and lower primary levels are taking to same styles of dressing.


1. It leads to rape

2. It promotes prostitution

3. It triggers sexual assault

4. HIV/AIDS as a result of illicit sex, prostitution and sexual assault encouraged by indecent exposure

5. Disrespect among young men and women

6. Infestation of younger ones who apparently look up to their elder ones as models

7. Moral decadence. The hitherto morally upright society is gradually being replaced by a society filled with indecency and which will consequently be accepted by all.

The pet project which was sponsored by NATU water, was colored by The president of the the Taraba State Entertainment Industry in person of Amb. Abdul Yusuf Moltumbi, Hon. Disebe S. Bala Donga, Exam officer Mr Steve Paul Anuye, on behalf of the director School of Basic and Preliminary studies Taraba State university,Kings and Queen's of the just crowned Mr / Miss Valentine
among other  prestige youths in the state.

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