Friday, 7 February 2020


Yes, of course!!! Most birthday celebrations is always classified as a glorious day set aside to showcase outstanding feelings .

Today, A father, Entertainment mogul and succeeding enterprenuer, Mr. Disebe S. Bala Donga known as Shakatawa who is the biggest kings and queens maker  in the beauty pageantry world celebrates his birthday in grand style.

MR. SHAKATAWA, the CEO/ Founder Prime Planet, Shakidi Record Label and of course Queen Maker of State Beauty Pageant (Taraba) and also Face of Peace and Unity Nigeria, is not only good at his profession but also known as a true philanthropist who derives joy in putting smile in people’s faces. Before the invention of the pageantry company,
Mr. Shakatawa is one of best Youth activist that Taraba (nature's gift) has ever produced as alot of youths where taken off the street courtesy of him. Today, he’s one of the best brains at North East Nigerian Entertainment and also great helper to SLUMHYPE BLOG / A-LIST BUZZ. 

See the birthday wishes he addresses to himself below:
Thank You Father 4 Blessing me with a new age. 
An The Cry of a Baby Boy to the Family of MWO. Bala Boyi (rtd)
Happy Birthday to me.
May God bless all my Birthday mates in Jesus name Amen.

Once again, we wish the biggest boss, and messenger of our living God,
Mr. Shakatawa prosperous years to come in long life and sound health.
We at A-list of Celebrate you gracefully sir. Keep soaring higher sir. Age With Grace sir.

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