Sunday, 2 February 2020



Amber Heard (wife) is the reason people don't believe women. Making false claims just to gain media publicity and roles is disgusting. Johnny Depp is a fucking survivor and deserves to be lifted up not dragged down. He's a film icon.

You think not possible he could be abused cause hes a man MEN CAN BE ABUSED TOO AND SAYING THESE MAKES THEM MORE SCARED TO COME FORWARD ABOUT

Back when he was casted in Fantastic Beasts everyone was slating him, Rowling defended him so there must've been a bit more knowledge about what was happening in some circles.

that's because the story was slanted in AH's favor because of her (allegedly) faked abuse. Hell, JD probably would have handled everything internally and then we wouldn't be having this convo. It makes me sick how someone could twist things so much.

Amazing how JD seems to mirror the coolness he personifies in his movies. It's not flattering to reflect on how many celebrities have had their lives altered negatively by the choice of a wrong partner.

Except that everyone believes women. Even when they lie. The proof is there.

Amber has a track record of abuse and lying before. Depp is soft spoken and has full support from Ex’s and friends.The tape and photos released add a ton to the story. It’s heartbreaking. Jail might be an option

Would like to thank Johnny Depp for giving us so many iconic, memorable, and amazing performances while suffering through abuse,torture and being faced with so much hate and judgment.


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