Thursday, 20 February 2020

Artists we've recently lost before turning 27

Artists we've recently lost before turning 27

Mac Miller - 26
xxxtentacion - 20
Juice WRLD - 21
Pop Smoke - 20
Lil Peep - 21
Lil Snupe - 18
Speaker Knockerz - 19
Capital STEEZ - 19
Stack Bundles - 24
Jimmy Wopo - 21
L'A Capone - 17
Young Pappy - 20

10 never made it past 21..

It's very sad, but I think hip hop should also take more responsibility to push positive messages in the music. Unfortunately, it seems that the promotion of violence and drug use continues on. As long as that is the cool thing to make music about, this will continue .

We lost BIG, 2pac and Big L before 27 as well.

Stck bundles died like 10yrs ago chinx died 6yrs ago point is we lose our youthful talent with bright futures to senseless violence it's been like this for decades.

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