Saturday, 18 January 2020

Davido and Chioma unfollowed each other on Instagram... See if Davido and Chioma break up


Twitter council has woken up and seen this trending news without due diligence and immediately rushed out to nail who they feel is right or wrong .

There’s a debate as to if the gist is a stunt or if it’s really happening , noting Chioma and Davido are engaged with a child .

Want to know why Chioma is trending ? Here’s an alleged summary :

So apparently , Davido just found out that Peruzzi isn’t Chioma’s cousin as presumed (funny but oh well) , Davido further took to the streets and unfollowed Peruzzi and Chioma out of anger or disgust .

I hope Davido and Chioma resolve whatever is happening between them quickly and peacefully. It’s difficult to know which of the story out there is true or not. Quite Embarrassing too.


Author: verified_user