Saturday, 25 January 2020

Am taking a six months break off pageantry - Queen Gloria Pajo


Celebrated by the young and old, Miss Gloria Pajo can be recognized as the most supportive model so far in North East Nigeria.

Apart from awards she bagged, Queen Gloria Pajo has made a footprint in Taraba State and North Eastern when it comes to pageantry of which has of been a positive influence.

As shocking as it may seems, the ex Queen made it public about quitting modelling among other public. With reason of focusing on her self development and new initiatives that will soon come to stay.
No featuring in any event.
No special appearance.
No invitation to any social activities.
No IV for any management /Association meetings.
No business deal with any pageant organizers.

 Miss kwararafa 2016 (Prime planet.)
Comely Queen Taraba state 2017 in Miss comely Queen Nigeria aka Comely Nation.

Brand ambassador for three companies Miss Gloria speaking with us in an interview where she said "

I am not going on a break on modeling because I'm a brand ambassador for about three companies.

on a 6month break for beauty pageant only especially in Taraba State which my state of residents and my reason is to focus on my personal development that is to say beauty is really consuming the time I need to give to my self."

Hmmm, well with all this bunch of list, well we pray it tiled her that good result she paving for.


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